A Helpful Auto Servicing Guide For Used Cars

When it comes to traveling, the last thing you want to experience on the road is for your used car to break down. This situation is extremely stressful, especially if you need to be somewhere fast. You can prevent these breakdowns and improve your overall safety when you follow this used car auto servicing guide. 

Tire Pressure 

Over time, your car's tires start losing air pressure. Whether it's because of excessive use or temperature changes, this issue needs to be addressed before you experience a flat or a severe auto accident. Fortunately, checking each tire's pressure isn't that complex.

What you'll need is a tire pressure gauge. There are many you can purchase today, but in terms of convenience, try to get a digital model. It will provide much more accurate readings. Once you've gathered the PSI (pounds per square inch) range, compare these numbers with the range recommended by the tire manufacturer. Adjust the pressure accordingly if the range is too high or too low.

Air Filter 

Your used car's air filter is responsible for preventing debris and other contaminants from reaching the engine. Since its role is so important, you need to make sure the filter is clean so that it can work at an optimal rate.

Locate the air filter housing and remove the cover plate. Take out the filter and inspect it for dirt, debris, and other grime. If it's completely covered on both sides, you need to find a suitable replacement. However, if it's a reusable filter, all you need to do is give it a thorough clean by washing it or dusting it off.

Engine Oil

For integral engine parts to work smoothly and not overheat, the engine oil levels need to be correct. Checking them is relatively easy. First, locate the engine oil dipstick, which will be labeled. Take the dipstick out and see where the oil levels are. If they're below the full line, it's recommended to add more until this line is reached. 

You also need to check the oil's color and consistency. If it's extremely dark and has a sludge-like consistency, you need to drain it and put new oil in as soon as possible. 

A lot of issues can happen with used cars, because after all, they may be a bit older. You can prevent unnecessary and costly repairs, though, simply by taking a proactive stance when it comes to maintenance. Contact a company like Lamb's Automotive Repair with Care for more information and assistance.