Sings Of Transmission Trouble And How To Avoid It

Your car is more than simply a car. It takes you to work to support your family and allows you to visit friends. Since your car does so much for you, you should take time to keep your car running smoothly. The transmission is one of the most important parts of the vehicle, so when there's a problem it needs to be taken to a transmission repair shop immediately.

Signs of a Problem 

Here are a couple signs of transmission trouble:

  • Leaking transmission fluid

Anytime you notice a leak, that's a sign of trouble ahead. When you notice a leak under your car, look to see what color the fluid is. If it's dark orange in color, it's your transmission fluid. 

  • Odd noises

Transmission problems may create a clinging noise while you're driving, but it's especially indicative of transmission trouble if you notice noise while in neutral. While in neutral, your transmission should be silent. If you notice noise while in neutral, replace the oil to see if that helps. 

  • Slipping

If you notice a drastic change in your acceleration for no reason or there seems to be a delayed reaction when switching gears, it's time to take your transmission in to get checked. 

Things that will Damage your Transmission

  • Not replacing and changing transmission fluid

Transmission fluid should be changed roughly every 50,000 miles, and the fluid levels should be checked every 1000 miles. If unsure how to do this, go to a transmission repair shop to get professional maintenance. 

  • Towing too much weight

Pay close attention to the amount of weight that your vehicle can tow by reading the owner's manual and do not go above that amount. 

  • Driving erratically

When you change gears while at high RPMs, it causes unnecessary strain on the transmission. 

  • Not taking care of problems

One of the biggest mistakes people make is ignoring a sign of transmission trouble. These issues need to be acknowledged and taken care by a company like AAA Commercial Transmission of as quickly as possible to ensure that you don't pay for more expensive repairs down the road. 

Costs of Repairs

Naturally, the cost of repairs will vary based on the nature of the problem and the type of car you drive. However, this is a guide on what to expect to pay for common services:

  • Transmission leak- $150 - $200
  • Replace solenoids- $300 - $800
  • Transmission flush- $100
  • Rebuild transmission- $2800 - $3800
  • Replace transmission- $4000 - $8000