4 Reasons To Pickup A Classic Truck For Your Restoration Project

Are you into restoring cars and looking for another project to pickup? Trucks offer you more options than popular muscle cars, as well as easy-to-find custom parts and functionality. There are also options to make classic pickup truck hot rods with short-bed models. Here are some of the many reasons why you will want to choose a pickup for your next restoration project:

1. Unique Makes and Models That Are Inexpensive Pickups

Pickup truck restorations give you choices of many different models, engines and styles for your restoration project. Unlike many cars, unique trucks that only need a little TLC and restoration can be very affordable. You have the choice of gas or diesel trucks, short beds and long beds, and limited-edition models like Dodge's Li'l Red Express from 1978. If finding an original that fits your budget is too difficult, cloning some of these packages is easy to do with pickups.

2. Functional Designs That Are Easy to Work on And Great for First Restorations

Pickup trucks have functional designs because they are meant to be work equipment. They are designed to be easy to repair, which makes them great for restoration projects and customization. If this is going to be your first restoration project, starting with a pickup is a great choice for learning.

3. Maximum Space in Engine Compartments to Install More Motor and Muscle

American made trucks have had all sorts of engines that came factory installed. Some model trucks may have had a small V6 for the economic packages and V8s or big diesel engines for more power. This means that there is plenty of room to install almost any type of engine and drive train you want in a classic pickup. Many motor upgrades will bolt right up with only a few minor adjustments to the motor mounts and transmission.

4. Easy-to-Find Parts and Customizations to Give Pickup Restorations Finishing Touches

Pickup trucks have long been workhorses and many where made by different American car manufacturers. Many year models only have slight changes through their generations. This means that finding parts for these trucks is easy, as well as custom parts and kits that fit many year models. A good example of this are third generation 1973-through-1987 Chevrolet pickups.

These are some of the different reasons why you will want to choose a classic pickup for your next restoration project. If you need help getting started contact transmission repair service to help prepare your pickup for a bigger engine. For more information, contact companies like AC Transmission Centers North.