Three Issues That Can Go Wrong With A Turbo Charger

Cars take a good amount of maintenance in order to keep in good condition. If you have a car with special parts, such as a turbocharger, you need to ensure that the engine is in good shape at all times for the system to be useful. There are problems and issues that can happen with a turbocharger that should be diagnosed as soon as possible. Here are a few things that can go wrong with a turbocharger that are cause to take the system in for repair. [Read More]

Beyond Physical Impact: Other Causes Of Windshield Damage

You probably know that your windshield may crack if it's struck by a pebble or if you are involved in a car crash. Unfortunately, physical impact is not the only thing that can damage your windshield; there are other causes of windshield damage that include these four: Temperature Fluctuations Most solids expand when heated and contract when cooled, windshield glass included. Every time the glass expands or contracts, it realizes some damage that it doesn't fully recover even after the temperature has fallen or risen to a reasonable level. [Read More]

A Few Tips To Help You Avoid Problems With Your Car

Automotive problems can be extremely disruptive and expensive for a person to have to address. Unfortunately, it is a common issue for individuals to have limited experience and knowledge when it comes to properly caring for their vehicles. This can lead them to make some potentially major oversights that could compromise the performance of their vehicles. Use The Correct Type Of Fuel It can be tempting to simply choose the fuel with the lowest cost. [Read More]

Prepping Your Pontoon For The Best Summer Fun Yet? Start With These Helpful Tips

While sleek and sexy speed boats will always be exciting to watch as they race across the lake, pontoon boat owners harbor no jealousy toward those who own them. This is because pontoon owners have achieved true boating zen by opting for the wide-bodied stability of a slower, but still powerful pontoon boat. With plenty of power for pulling skiers and tubes, these boats offer comfortable seating for large groups, along with convenient swim decks, canopies, and storage for water toys and for fishing equipment. [Read More]