Was Your Vehicle In An Auto Collision? What To Know About Body And Mechanical Repairs

If your automobile was damaged in a collision and you don't know how bad the damage is, or if it's just body damage, you want to make sure that you take it to the right shop. Not all mechanical shops offer the same type of work for the automobile, and you want to get everything that needs to be done to the vehicle done at the same shop. Here are some of the things to know before you drop the car off or have it towed to a dealership and before you pay to have it fixed.

Get a Structural Analysis

You need to get a structural analysis completed to make sure that the frame and the structure of the vehicle aren't compromised, and that the vehicle can be safely restored. The auto body or mechanical shop you go to needs to have a certified professional do this service, and you want it done before the vehicle is on the road again, and to know everything is fixed correctly.

Know if You Need Auto Body and Mechanical Work

Auto mechanical repairs and auto body repairs aren't the same. The damages could go just beyond the body and exterior structure of the vehicle, and you may need to have mechanical work completed. You have to find a shop that can do both types of repairs, so you know that any mechanical repairs are done by an auto mechanic, and so the exterior of the vehicle will look great after it's been repaired by an auto body specialist.

Talk with Your Insurance

Send the pictures to the insurance company right away, and then send the estimate that you get so they can start working on your claim. You want to get reimbursed quickly so that you don't have to pay out of pocket for the repairs, and so after your deductible is paid, you don't have to worry about repair expenses.

There are so many different issues that can arise when you get into an auto collision, especially if you were hit in the front or rear end of the car and the motor or under the hood was compromised. Instead of just having the vehicle hauled to any mechanical shop the towing truck offers, make sure that you do your research to take the vehicle to the best place for your type of mechanical and auto body problems, and that you get more than one estimate. To learn more, contact an auto collision repair shop like EXPERT AUTO BODY.