Three Issues That Can Go Wrong With A Turbo Charger

Cars take a good amount of maintenance in order to keep in good condition. If you have a car with special parts, such as a turbocharger, you need to ensure that the engine is in good shape at all times for the system to be useful. There are problems and issues that can happen with a turbocharger that should be diagnosed as soon as possible. Here are a few things that can go wrong with a turbocharger that are cause to take the system in for repair. 

Not using the correct oil

Using the incorrect oil for a system can have an impact on the engine. This includes the turbocharger with its susceptibility to problems if oil beings to clog up the workings. If you suspect or if you notice that your recent oil change used the wrong type of oil, you should get the system checked out immediately. If you notice any knocking sounds or if the car seems a bit more sluggish after the oil change, have the turbocharger checked out by a company like Cti Turbo

Dirt after driving on rough terrain

Taking your car on the beach or on dirt roads is often not a big issue. It can become an issue if your off-road adventure leads to any dirt or debris getting inside of the car engine. If dirt gets inside of the turbocharger, it may not work with your car engine any longer. The blades can become damaged due to the dirt, which can mean that you need a replacement if the problem continues. This means that you will need to get a system flush before you do anything else. Take your car to see a mechanic after you are done off-roading to make sure that there is no excess buildup inside of the turbocharger that can possibly make the engine stall. 

Issues with gas tank and line

Gas leaks are dangerous in many ways. Some leaks may not be detectable until they become a larger issue. If gas is leaking anywhere, the turbocharger will not be able to boost appropriately. If the turbocharger is no longer working and you can feel the car running on less power than usual, you should get the car taken in for an expert to look at. The problem with the gas line will need to be repaired immediately for safety reasons. Once the gas repair is done, you can get the turbocharger cleaned to get your car's power back to its old self.