4 Things You Need To Know Before You Have Your Vehicle Professionally Repainted

If you are tired of the way that your vehicle looks and you want to get it repainted, or if your vehicle was damaged and needs to be repainted after it is repaired, it helps to understand how the professional paint process works.

The Professional Paint Process Takes Time

The first thing that you need to understand is that painting a vehicle is not a rush job. It is a job that requires time and patience. You can't drop your car off to have it repainted and expect to pick it up in a day or two. You should plan on a paint job taking at least a week. Check with the shop you are working with to see what their average turn-around time is; as some shops will be a little slower or faster than a week.

Items Are Removed from the Entire of Your Car

When you have your vehicle repainted by a professional, the professional team is going to take every step possible to make sure that they don't get paint anywhere that it shouldn't be. They are also going to take care to paint both the outside and the inside of your car where paint is present so that your vehicle looks uniform.

That means that everything is possibly going to be removed from the inside of your vehicle. The dash and console are going to come out, and even the seats may be removed. If these items are not removed, they will be covered up.

That is why it is a good idea to remove all of your personal belongings from the vehicle as well, so the auto body repair team doesn't have to deal with removing your personal belongings and the car components from the car.

Vehicle Surface Has to Be Fixed

Before prep work can begin on your vehicle, all damage to your vehicle has to be fixed. Your vehicle needs to have a finish that is as close to a factory finish as possible. That means all scratches, dents, pits, holes, rust spots, and gouges have to be addressed and fixed before the real prep work can begin. The more body damage to your vehicle, the longer this step will take.

Vehicle Surface Has to be Prepared

Once the vehicle surface has been fixed, it then needs to be prepared. The vehicle will need to be sanded down and primed before a single coat of paint is put on the vehicle.

If your vehicle needs to be painted, keep in mind that painting your vehicle is an involved process that is going to take some time. All damage has to be fixed on your vehicle, interior components removed, and then your vehicle has to be sanded and primed before it can be painted. Talk with the auto body shop to get a better estimate on how long this process will take for your vehicle.

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