Things You Need to Know When Getting Your Extended Warranty Items Repaired

When buying a new vehicle, most people want the best coverage and protection against breakdown or defect in the vehicle. The factory warranty covers much of the car, and extended warranties can add to the coverage. Still, there are some things to consider, like finding an approved mechanic for extended warranty cars or trucks to ensure the repair is covered.

Factory Warranty

Nearly every new car manufactured comes with a factory warranty that covers the drivetrain and offers bumper to bumper coverage for a specific amount of time. These warranties are typically not disputed, and the dealership where you bought the car is the best place to have work done that is covered under them. 

In most cases, you don't need to find a specific mechanic because the dealership has techs to take care of the work for you. Mechanics for extended warranty cars often do not come into play until you place a claim against the extended warranty you added on top of the factory warranty when you purchased the vehicle. 

Extended Warranties

Often the extended warranty you purchase with the vehicle is an extension of the factory warranty from the manufacturer with additional coverage or a third-party contract that promises to pay for specific repairs. Often these extended warranties do require an approved mechanic for extended warranty cars, and the warranty provider can give you a list of places to take the vehicle when needed. 

In some cases, the extended warranty is offered as an extended service contract, and while the name is different, it provides the same additional repairs but may also cover general services like oil changes and chassis lubrication on your new vehicle. The manufacturer may offer service contracts, but more often than not, they are third-party companies that work with the dealers to provide the service. 

These contracts are often more customizable than factory extended warranties so that you can tailor the coverage to your needs. Because they are offered through the dealer or manufacturer's network, often any factory dealer will have an approved mechanic for extended warranty cars that can do the work you need. 

Warranty Costs

Any extended warranty you purchase will have a cost attached to it. Even factory warranties are listed with a fee if you look carefully at the itemized breakdown of your new car. The trick is to find the right extended warranty that offers you the most value for your money and allows you easy access to an extended warranty mechanic for cars and trucks in your area. 

Since the extended warranty cost is often rolled into the financing for your car, getting one that offers a lot of value can save you out-of-pocket expenses over the term of the loan on your vehicle. Check the warranties carefully if you are considering buying one, and don't hesitate to ask questions about the coverage to be sure it will work for you. 

If you are in need of a mechanic for extended warranty cars, be sure to contact a local shop today.