Three Options For Those RV Repairs You Can't Do Yourself

Owning an RV can mean exciting trips and low-cost housing, but it can also mean repairs on the road. No matter how good you are at RV repairs yourself, you're going to have to bring the RV in for professional repairs at some point. When you're away from home, that can be a bit nerve-wracking, but you still have plenty of options.

A Permanent RV Repair Shop

Just as you can take your passenger car to an auto repair shop that has a permanent location, so too can you take your RV to RV repair shops. You may need an appointment for service as these shops won't always have parking lot space for people to wait for last-minute service, but these shops are located in just about every city and most towns where RVing is common.

Mobile Services That Come to You

Many RV repairs can be done right where you're parked, and mobile repair services are available across the country. It may be more difficult to find these services in remote areas, so if you're planning to boondock in the wilderness, for example, call services in nearby cities ahead of time to verify whether they can send someone out to your location if needed. There can also be local restrictions placed on vehicle repair, such as on city streets or in specific RV parks. You've got to plan ahead and keep lists of these companies with you.

Campground-Authorized Services

Some of the larger or busier campgrounds may have contracted services onsite that can help you with repairs. The campgrounds should have lists of authorized service companies either on their websites or a paper list that you can get. If another service is at the campground and is not listed, you have to assume they aren't authorized, and you should alert the campground's office. If you are at a campground and need repairs, but you have, say, an agreement or warranty service through a mobile repair company not listed as authorized, speak with the campground staff. It could be that you can have that company come to the campground specifically for your RV, but be aware that some campgrounds may not allow this due to security concerns. (You could take your RV offsite, of course.)

When you live out of an RV, either for trips or for long-term residency, you have to have some repair skills yourself. However, there will be many things you can't fix on your own. Knowing your option so that you don't feel stuck if you can't fix your RV is essential for safe, enjoyable travel. 

For more information about RV repairs, contact a local company.