3 Surprising Failures That Might Send Your Car To The Junkyard

Sometimes, deciding to find a cash buyer for your old junk car is easy. If you've got an old hulk sitting around on your property, ditching it and putting some money in your pocket is often the clear choice. On the other hand, junking a dependable daily driver can be a little more disheartening. It can be even worse when a seemingly minor problem suddenly becomes a major expense.

While internal engine and transmission issues are common reasons to say goodbye to an old ride, these catastrophic failures aren't the only time a repair can break the bank. These three other issues may be expensive enough to justify turning an older car into cash instead of ponying up for a repair.

1. Broken Timing Chains 

Every internal combustion engine requires precise timing to manage the movement of its intake and exhaust valves. These valves allow air into the combustion chambers and exhaust to escape. Without correct timing, your car will run poorly or not at all. Most modern vehicles use either timing belts or chains to synchronize their valves.

While timing belts are regular maintenance items, timing chains typically last the life of a vehicle. Even worse, accessing the timing chain can be difficult, and a failed one can cause additional damage. On some cars, this repair may cost almost $2000. If you're driving an older vehicle with little resale value, junking your car may make more sense than spending the money on a replacement.

2. Blown Turbochargers

Decades ago, manufacturers primarily used turbochargers on high-end, high-performance vehicles. However, turbochargers are much more common today, with many manufacturers using them across their model line-ups. These parts can boost performance and efficiency, allowing small, gasoline-sipping engines to provide plenty of oomph for daily driving.

However, turbochargers are also expensive and may be challenging to replace. These components can also be sensitive to issues such as oil starvation. Unfortunately, replacing a blown turbocharger will typically cost more than $2000. If your old beater blows its turbocharger, turning to a junk car buyer may be a better option than spending more than your car's value on a new one.

3. Deployed Airbags

There's no question that airbags save lives. However, airbags are also expensive and sensitive components. Modern vehicles use complex sensors and computer decision-making to determine when to deploy an airbag. As a result, airbags may deploy in even relatively low-speed accidents, especially if one or more occupants are not wearing seatbelts.

Replacing a single airbag can cost more than a thousand dollars, so the cost of multiple deployed airbags can add up quickly. These costs can mean that a seemingly minor accident may require repairs totaling several times your car's resale value. Since driving a car without airbags is incredibly dangerous, selling your car to a junk buyer is often a much better option.

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