2 Possible Reasons Why Your Car's Automatic Transmission Keeps Getting Stuck In One Gear

The last few times while driving your car, you may have noticed that the automatic transmission would reach a certain gear and take too long to shift out of it. While it may have eventually shifted, you may now find that it refuses to shift at all and remains stuck in that one gear. When your car's transmission gets stuck in a gear and you continue to drive it, it puts an extreme amount of strain on both the transmission and the engine if the problem is not fixed. [Read More]

What Do Your Tire Treads Really Do?

You probably already know that driving on tires with worn-out treads can be dangerous, but why do your treads matter so much? How does driving on worn-out tires affect your car, and are you putting yourself at risk when you ignore the warning signs of a necessary tire replacement? This guide will answer these questions so you can have a deeper understanding of why tire replacements are so crucial. Why Do Your Tires Need Treads? [Read More]

Helpful Tips For Installing An EV Charging Station At Home

If you are the owner of an electric vehicle, you could be considering installing an EV charging station at home. This might even be something that you're thinking about if you don't own an electric vehicle yet but are planning on buying one soon. Either way, these are some of the helpful hints and tips that you might want to know about installing an EV charging station at home. Consider Why You Should Install an EV Charging Station [Read More]

Common Indicators That You Need To Have Your Auto Glass Replaced

Simple auto glass repairs, such as cracks, can be quickly done at your local auto repair shop. Over time, you may have to replace your car's windshield. However, some repairs can be too complex, and there may be better options than maintaining the old auto glass. Generally, maintaining beyond-repair auto glasses can be risky as they can easily shatter. Below are common signs that it's time to consider a new auto glass for your motor vehicle. [Read More]