Yes, You Want A Loaner Car

One of the perks of driving a BMW is that dealer service centers and some BMW repair shops offer loaner cars when you have to leave yours at the shop. It can be intimidating to drive this shiny newer car in traffic. More often than not, the loaner car is a good idea. If you need to get a few car repairs soon, here's a few reasons why you can benefit from using a loaner car.

You Can Save on Rental Cost

Of course, the most practical benefit is that you'll save on rental car costs. You won't have to take taxis, you won't have to worry about transportation. Just get a loaner car and be done with it. That's why they're offered, after all.

You Can Test Drive a Newer Model

Loaner cars tend to be newer models, and that gives you a chance to test drive one for a day or so. Even if you're not planning to get another car soon, knowing what newer models drive like can be very helpful once you do decide to upgrade your car. You can see how new features work and whether or not they're ones you'd like to add to your current car (such as satellite radio) or have on the next model you buy. You can also see which features don't work for you; that's important because if you don't like a feature, you don't want to pay for a car that forces you to use it.

You Can Save Time

Why spend time at the rental car counter or waiting for mass transit or ride sharing? If you have a loaner car, you leave the shop when you're ready and drive back when the car work is done. You don't have to deal with this extra drop-off/pick-up/wait time; instead, you just get on with your day.

It's Easy to Extend Rental Time

Sometimes car work takes longer than expected. It's easier to extend the time you have a loaner car than it can be to extend a rental car. While extending a rental car term isn't difficult, if the rental agency was very busy and was expecting the car back, it can take some scheduling contortions to ensure both you and their other customers have the cars you need.

Not all independent shops offer loaner cars, but if you go to one that does, grab it. Take advantage of this resource and make your life easier.