Signs That Your Car Is Having Engine Trouble

The engine in your car can be likened to the heart in your own body. Just like the heart is the main muscle that pumps blood throughout your entire physical structure, the engine uses the fuel that you put into it to pump gas throughout all of the different mechanical systems in the vehicle to give it the power to move. If your engine goes out completely there's no way that you'll be able to drive the car. At that point, you're rendered immobile until you're able to have it either repaired or replaced. It's best not to wait until you get to this point because the consequences could be costly. The moment you notice any of the following signs, get your vehicle to an automobile technician.

Your Gas Mileage Starts To Decrease

If you've had your car for a considerable length of time you typically have a general idea of how many miles you can get when you fill up. This knowledge is what allows you to plan your gas budget so that you're able to get to work and run your regular errands without having to worry about whether or not you'll have enough gas to get it all done.

However, when your engine starts to fail, it will require more power to keep going. The power comes in the form of the gasoline that you put in your car. That same tank of gas that used to get you all the way through the week might show up as "empty" before the weekend. It can take you by surprise and you might overlook the issue, believing that perhaps the rising gas prices are the reason for the discrepancy. The real problem could be that your engine desperately needs to be serviced.

You Find That The Engine Is Stalling

When you're trying to pick up enough speed to get onto the freeway, you need your engine to operate at full throttle. Ordinarily, this should be no problem at all. The gears automatically kick in and you're able to careen safely amongst the traffic. If your engine is failing in some way you'll notice that it stalls quite a bit, making it nearly impossible for you to get onto the interstate with ease.

Engine problems should never be ignored. The first time you notice one of these symptoms, set up an appointment with a local repair technician at shops like Redford Auto Repair.