3 Tips for Tuning & Performance Upgrades on Cars Under Warranty

The high-performance upgrades and tuning of cars has changed the way many people look at customizations. Some of these improvements do a lot more than just add horse power to cars, they also give insight into performance and fuel efficiency. More new cars are being upgraded with things like tuning chips for better performance, but what if your car is still under warranty? Here are some tips for tuning and performance upgrades with cars that are still under warranty:

1. Talk to Your Dealer About Installed Performance Packages Covered by Warranties

When you buy a car from the dealership, there are often several different package options, which start with the base-package and go up to performance package. When considering upgrades for cars that are still under warranty, you will want to talk with an auto expert about parts and packages that are OEM equipment that will not void the warranty. Sometimes, you can have these upgrades installed by a dealer or contact an auto repair service to do them and ensure that they do not void the warranty.

2. Choose the Right Tuning Chips to Avoid Problems with Voiding Warranties

All modern cars have computer-controlled modules that set things like the amount of fuel and air mixture that goes into cylinders. Tuning chips are used to modify and monitor these settings for optimum performance. There are parts manufacturers that make OEM parts, as well as aftermarket tuning and performance parts that are less likely to void warranties. An auto repair professional will be able to help you with choosing a tuning chip that is right for your car and will not void the warranty.

3. Determine Small Improvements That Won't Affect the Factory Warranty of Your Car

There are also some improvements that will give you batter performance and not affect the warranty. If you want something that can easily be undone if your need warranty repairs done, consider air intake upgrades, which have little affect on your warranty. In addition, using things like performance filters and fuel injectors are little improvements that will not affect your warranty when you need to have maintenance or repairs done to your car.

These are some tips to help with tuning and upgrades for cars that are still under warranty. If you are ready to improve the performance of your car, contact a BMW repair service like August European and talk with them about what can be done to your car while it is still under warranty.