Silent Causes Of Transmission Damage

The transmission system of a car is one of its most vital parts and also its most expensive parts. That is why you need to be proactive when it comes to transmission maintenance. The problem is that the things that can damage the transmission are not always clear to everybody. Here are some of the things that can damage your transmission:


Most drivers know that overheating can damage the engine, but that is not the only consequence of overheating. The transmission uses the same cooling system that your engine uses; this means it can also get damaged if the cooling system is malfunctioning and the car is overheating. The damage may not happen overnight, but you are definitely looking at an expensive transmission overhaul if you have made it a routine to operate your car even if it's overheating.

Towing Heavy Loads

The transmission system is responsible for the movement of the car since it transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. This means every load on the car, from the weight of the car, passengers, and any load being towed will affect the transmission. The heavier the load, the more the transmission system will be stressed, and a stressed transmission system wears out fast. This is why car manufacturers specify maximum towing loads.

Driving With Low Levels of Transmission Fluids

The transmission fluid is a multipurpose fluid that is vital to your car's operations. For example, it cleans the metal surfaces of the transmission system, cools the transmission system, and reduces friction of the rotational surfaces, among other things. This means the transmission system will overheat and wear out pretty fast if you are using it with low levels of transmission fluid. The volume of transmission fluid circulating may reduce if the transmission fluid is leaking or the fluid filter is clogged, among other things.

Shifting Instead Of Braking

There are many instances when you might be tempted to downshift instead of braking. For example, you may do this while stopping at a traffic light, when parking the car (in lieu of the parking brake) or just before reversing the car. Unfortunately, all of these put enormous strain on the transmission system, which accelerates its wear and tear and leads to premature failure.

Your transmission should be fine as long as you have been maintaining your car as required. In case you do have a problem with your transmission, consult a transmission mechanic at a company like Car And Truck Services Inc. to diagnose and fix the problem.