Proper Care & Maintenance of Your Cars Automatic Transmission

Your car is important to you and the last thing you need is for it to break down, leaving you stranded and facing a large repair bill. Proper maintenance of your car or truck the best way to reduce the risks of a breakdown. There is no way to be sure it will never happen but if you pay attention to your car and the way it sounds, feels, and smells, you will notice when something is not working properly.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Every car and truck manufactured today has a recommended maintenance schedule that, if followed, is going to help keep your car or truck running properly for many years. The manufacturer does not just randomly pick mileage points for maintenance, they are set where they believe they will offer the most benefit for your vehicle. It is important to follow the schedule they set. In some cases, missing too many of these recommended service points could void part or all of your warranty in the event of a breakdown. Whether you go to the dealer or have an independent garage service the car, keep a record of the service and what was done so you can use it later if you ever have to prove the maintenance was completed.

Check Your Automatic Transmission Service

The automatic transmission in your car works extremely hard and builds up a lot of heat inside. The service interval set by the manufacturer takes that into account. Many people overlook that service but it is important that it is down on time and properly. Just like the engine, the transmission fluid and filter needs to be changed to keep the system working well. There is a certain amount of wear that takes place inside the transmission and the material coming off the clutch bands can build up in the transmission oil pan. If that happens, it can clog the filter, stopping the flow of fluid to the valve body inside. The result is poor or no shifting and possible damage to the bearings and seals in the transmission.

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Find a Service Center

When you are ready to have your cars transmission service completed, you may want to go to a transmission shop rather than the dealer. You can do that but make sure you get a record of what work was completed and that the date and mileage are on the paperwork. The way if there is ever a question of when it was done and what was done, you have it. As long as the service was completed, on time, the manufacturer typically does not care who does it.