This Is How You'll Know When You Need Auto Transmission Services

You likely know that the transmission in your vehicle is one of the most important parts of the vehicle. A good defense against transmission issues is routine maintenance that includes routine auto transmission services. Technicians perform critical maintenance such as testing transmission fluid and looking for signs of leaks. The following points identify things you are bound to notice if your transmission needs repairs.

You will see it

Vehicles require a variety of fluids to operate. These fluids may leak when a mechanical issue exists. Most fluids have their own distinct colors, which can help vehicle owners identify them. Manufacturers use additives to create dyes for fluids such as brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, and antifreeze. Transmission fluid is a reddish color when it is fresh. However, aged transmission fluid that leaks from a vehicle may appear to be reddish-brown and dark brown. The latter is indicative of fluid that has been overheated, which is serious because overheating can cause transmission damage.

You will smell it

If transmission fluid overheats, it may produce a burnt odor. This odor may also be detected if there is a leak that makes contact with heated parts of a vehicle. Burnt smells may also be produced when transmission gears overheat. If your vehicle is a manual transmission, the clutch is an integral part of the system. When clutches wear out or need adjusting, burnt odors are often a telltale sign.

You will hear it

A normal transmission makes low-volume noises that can be compared to humming or buzzing when operating. Transmission repair issues produce clunking and whining noises. Sometimes a minor issue such as low transmission fluid levels can cause whining noises. However, loud clunking noises are indicative of a more serious repair issue.

You will feel it

A properly working transmission system responds to a driver's movements. Repair issues can be evidenced by gears popping out of place unexpectedly. This is a serious safety issue because there will not be an inkling of when it will occur. This phenomenon can happen when vehicles are in drive or neutral and may cause an accident. A difference in how your vehicle handles during gear shifting is also a signal of something being wrong with the transmission. The response time of gears shifting is likely to be noticeably slower as the situation worsens.

Do not wait until you experience all of the symptoms of a failing transmission. Early intervention can make a huge difference in the repair options and cost. An auto transmission service can inspect and test vehicles. They can also make repairs, installations, and rebuild damaged transmissions. Contact auto transmission services near you to learn more.