Warning Signs That You Might Need Professional Brake Repair

Your brakes are arguably one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Brake issues are one car problem that you absolutely do not want to ignore or delay in getting repaired. Here are some of the potential warning signs to watch out for when it comes to your brakes so you can get to an auto brake repair expert as soon as possible.

Vibrations When Trying to Steer Could Indicate an Issue With a Brake Rotor

So brakes work by pushing brake pads onto brake rotors. Brake rotors are located on either side of your wheels. Applying pressure is what gets these wheels to slow down or stop spinning, slowing the car in the process. If you feel vibrations when trying to turn the steering wheel, this could mean there is an issue with a brake rotor out of alignment or otherwise damaged. A brake rotor that is not where it should be may prevent the brake pads from doing their job and properly slowing the vehicle.

Squealing Noises That Come and Go With Every Push of the Brake Pedal Could Indicate That You Need New Brake Pads

Do you hear a squealing noise every time you push down on the brakes but it goes away when you release? This could mean your brake pads are wearing thin, and you need to get new ones installed as soon as possible before you start sending other parts besides the pads into your rotors.

Vibrations or Squealing That Escalate Into Grinding Noises Should Be Considered a Code Red

If the noises or sensations you notice when pushing down on your brakes escalate into loud grinding noises, this is likely a sign that your brake pads have worn all the way through and you are now sending metal into your brake rotors instead of the brake pads. This is extremely dangerous and can also cause additional damage to other parts of your brakes. There is a chance that a grinding noise could be just a rock getting caught somewhere in the system, and that is more easily fixed, but you will absolutely want to get off the road and to a repair shop to make sure it's not a more severe issue.

A Strong Smell Could Mean Your Brakes Have Overheated

It's possible for cars that are leaking something to create an odor you can smell in the cabin or when getting out of the car. Most people know what gas or oil smells like, but brake fluid has a more chemical-like smell to it. Smelling something like this could mean there is a leak, or it could mean your brakes have overheated and are in trouble. Again, get off the road and to a repair shop as soon as you can.

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