Brake Light Warnings: Understanding Their Meanings And Causes

The instrument panel of the average vehicle has greatly evolved over the last several years. Not only does the instrument panel let you know what speed you're moving, how much fuel you have in the tank, or what your oil pressure is, it also has a series of warning lights meant to alert the driver when something mechanical needs attention. One of those warning lights is the brake warning light. These lights can range from a basic red word that says " [Read More]

Determining If Your Ailing Transmission Needs Repaired Or Replaced

If the automatic transmission in your car or truck is acting up, determining what the issue is and if it is more cost effective to repair it or just replace the entire unit needs to be determined. Automatic transmissions can be very hard to diagnose and if you do not have the right tools and knowledge of the inner workings of the gearbox, you could be spending money on something that is not needed. [Read More]

It's Pass Or Fail: How To Ensure That Your Car Will Pass Its Emissions Test

If you've received notification that it's time to take your car in for an emission test, you want to make sure that it passes on the first attempt. Failing an emission test can cause costly and timely delays when you're trying to register your car. In fact, if your car fails more than once, it could end up on the gross polluter's list, which will prevent you from registering your car until everything is fixed. [Read More]

Was Your Vehicle In An Auto Collision? What To Know About Body And Mechanical Repairs

If your automobile was damaged in a collision and you don't know how bad the damage is, or if it's just body damage, you want to make sure that you take it to the right shop. Not all mechanical shops offer the same type of work for the automobile, and you want to get everything that needs to be done to the vehicle done at the same shop. Here are some of the things to know before you drop the car off or have it towed to a dealership and before you pay to have it fixed. [Read More]