3 Options Available for Dealing with Your Failed Transmission

The transmission system of a car is one of its vital and most expensive parts, which is why it's disheartening to learn that your transmission has failed. Fortunately, a failed transmission doesn't mean that you have to junk your car; you can fix the issue via any of these three routes: Buy a Used Transmission You can get a used transmission from a junked car as long as it is still in good condition. [Read More]

3 Tips for Tuning & Performance Upgrades on Cars Under Warranty

The high-performance upgrades and tuning of cars has changed the way many people look at customizations. Some of these improvements do a lot more than just add horse power to cars, they also give insight into performance and fuel efficiency. More new cars are being upgraded with things like tuning chips for better performance, but what if your car is still under warranty? Here are some tips for tuning and performance upgrades with cars that are still under warranty: [Read More]

Silent Causes Of Transmission Damage

The transmission system of a car is one of its most vital parts and also its most expensive parts. That is why you need to be proactive when it comes to transmission maintenance. The problem is that the things that can damage the transmission are not always clear to everybody. Here are some of the things that can damage your transmission: Overheating Most drivers know that overheating can damage the engine, but that is not the only consequence of overheating. [Read More]

Why You Should Take Maintenance For Your SUV Seriously

If you are the proud owner of a sports utility vehicle, you might like the fact that you can show it off on the highways or take it off the road and into the woods. If you enjoy your sports utility vehicle, it's important to do what you can to keep your SUV in good condition. These are a couple of reasons why regular maintenance is very important for your sports utility vehicle. [Read More]